SATA Azores Pro runs Sept 22nd - 27th at Praia de Santa Barbara, on Sao Miguel Island of the Azores. Adam Melling and Stu Kennedy will be there chasing the dream. Mello is in Ht 1 and Stu starts in Ht 18. The event is also the first leg of the Portuguese Waves Series, similar to the Triple Crown, which Adam won in 2013. Good luck fellas.

Update Sept 22nd
A great start for Mello in round 1 with some huge hacks and progression into the round of 48. Unfortunately Stu couldn't find the waves with high scoring potential and was eliminated.

Update Sept 23rd
Another great day for Mello scoring a 10 for a nice bazza and taking a heat win. 

"It's good to be back here, I had a 10 here I think 3 years ago, and haven't had another one since. That wave was pretty good, paddling into it I felt quite deep and I got through it and got a couple turns so yeah I'm happy with that. Getting good results on the QS would definitely help, I'm getting some heats under the belt and it definitely helps with confidence. I've won the Portuguese Waves Series before and would love to win it again." 
WSL / Laurent Masurel
Update Sept 24th
Smaller conditions today but Mello did enough to move into the final 16 with bigger surf on the way.

Update Sept 25th
Huey didn't do Adam any favors today. Mello waited for the big pits that never came and was eliminated in round 4 in what may have been the most frustrating heat of his career. Bad luck mate.

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