From the Prez -

The overall performance of our young team in & out of the water was brilliant producing some outstanding results & awards. Waves weather & vibe were spot-on.

Overall Results:

Teams 5th ($500) 3 x 1st 1 x 2nd 3 x 3rd 1 x 4th

Pairs 5th Bink/Piggy

Air Show 1St Kai Healey ($200)

Highest Scoring Wave U21’s Bink ($100)

Highest Scoring Wave Womens Steph ($100)

Heat Winnings Jimmy Bink Steph

My sincere thanks to our team & supporters also to my partner in crime Snelly & a HUGE pat on the back goes to Blake’sG for his “punching above he’s weight” performance as our Judge!! He came along as a supporter of the team but when I asked him to Judge for us he did so without a complaint & what an accolade he was picked in the top 8 of the 16 Judges!!!!

Once again I’m the proudest club president of the Greatest Club on the planet.

Cheers DM